Current Research Projects

Synthetic Controls in Action (with Alberto Abadie) (Link)

Bayesian and Frequentist Inference for Synthetic Controls (with Ignacio Martinez) (Link) (R-Package)

Sparse Synthetic Controls: Variable Selection for Synthetic Controls (arxiv)

Published Work

Stretching the Net: Multidimensional Regularization (Econometric Theory, 2021)


"Stretching the Net: Multidimensional Regularization", forthcoming at Econometric Theory


In the paper I derive asymptotic risk (expected loss) results for shrinkage estimators with multidimensional regularization in high-dimensional settings.

I show that as the number of parameters to estimate grows the empirical loss converges to the oracle-optimal risk.

New Research!

"Variable selection for synthetic controls." arxiv

I introduce a new penalized synthetic control method for policy evaluation. The proposed sparse synthetic control penalizes the number of predictors used in generating the counterfactual to improve pre-treatment fit and select the most important predictors.


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  • "FCA researchers outline $5bn ‘tax’ imposed by high-speed trading", FT, Jan 2020. On the work I did as an RA for Prof. Eric Budish. link
  • "Independence Games", El Periodico, June 2014. This article explains my work modelling the catalan independence process using game theory (see Figure). link


  • MIT Economics
  • MA, United States
  • +1 (617) 460 5520