Current Research Projects

Synthetic Controls in Action (with Alberto Abadie) (Link)

Synthetic instruments in DiD designs with unmeasured confounding (with Ahmet Gulek) (Link)

Bayesian and Frequentist Inference for Synthetic Controls (with Ignacio Martinez) (Link) (R-Package)

Predictor Selection for Synthetic Controls (arxiv)

Bagged Polynomial Regression and Neural Networks (with Sylvia Klosin) (arxiv)

Published Work

Stretching the Net: Multidimensional Regularization (Econometric Theory, 2021)


"Stretching the Net: Multidimensional Regularization", forthcoming at Econometric Theory


In the paper I derive asymptotic risk (expected loss) results for shrinkage estimators with multidimensional regularization in high-dimensional settings.

I show that as the number of parameters to estimate grows the empirical loss converges to the oracle-optimal risk.

New Research!

"Predictor selection for synthetic controls." arxiv

This paper proposes the use of a sparse synthetic control procedure that penalizes the number of predictors used in generating the counterfactual to select the most important predictors. We derive, in a linear factor model framework, a new model selection consistency result and show that the penalized procedure has a faster mean squared error convergence rate.


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  • "FCA researchers outline $5bn ‘tax’ imposed by high-speed trading", FT, Jan 2020. On the work I did as an RA for Prof. Eric Budish. link
  • "Independence Games", El Periodico, June 2014. This article explains my work modelling the catalan independence process using game theory (see Figure). link


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